Pre-silicon simulation

We provide functional simulation tools to gather quantitative data early in the development cycle to assist in the performance prediction of architectural and µ-architectural design choices.

Compilers & toolchains

We breathe and live runtime compilers, runtime libraries and virtual machines. We strive to offer the best performance and highest productivity with the software development tools we provide for our customers.

Optimized SDKs

Any processor is just as good as the software ecosystem supporting it. We develop and support optimized SDKs and make sure that your product is supported by the "upstream" open-source ecosystem.

Accelerating silicon innovation.

We work to bring the best software development tools to your platform.

We know what it takes to bring innovative silicon solutions to market: let us do the hard work of ensuring pre-silicon software optimization, enabling your product throughout the open-source software stack, and building a best-in-class software development environments.

We are committed to open-source, so your software ecosystem can stand on the shoulders of giants.

Dataflow optimizations

Optimizing memory bandwidth and cache-utilization

Application tuning

Application-specific optimizations and performance primitives

Performance analysis

Performance prediction and profiling to identify bottlenecks

Functional simulation

Workload-oriented evaluation of specialized instructions

Working with recognized industry leaders

Open-source innovation in software development tools

We pride ourselves in taking a broader view and building industry alliances on shared technical challenges between our clients. Lasting solutions to industry-wide challenges are best built on open-source and shared innovation.

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